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Winding Turns Tester is one of our best products with reliable quality, high measurement speed, high accuracy, excellent performance and easy to use. It can measure Turns / Polarity and DC Resistance of any Air core Coil, motor windings, high / low voltage coil transformers, Relay coil and so on. It is widely used for production, R&D or Q.C.

This product can be used to measure the turns of motor windings, high / low voltage coils?, transformers, Relay windings,? wound Bobbins and so on.?

Measurement Parameters :?Turns, Polarity and DC Resistance

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Max. Size of Coil I.D? > 4 mm, O.D??< 120 mm, H < 110 mm
Turns Range 0 ~ 80,000 Turns
Turns Accuracy 0 ~ 1000 T (+?0.2%?+?1 Turn) ; 1001 ~ 20,000 T (+?0.3%?+?2 Turn) ; > 20,000 T (+?0.5%?+?8 Turn)
Resistance Range 100 mOhm ~ 20 KOhm
Resistance Accuracy +?0.5%?+?1 dig
Display mode?? 6 digits LED Display
Range Mode Auto Range
Alarm Setup Short, Phase and Silent selectable.
Power Requirements?? 110 V ~ 240 V AC (47 Hz ~ 63 Hz)
Dimensions?? 335mm X 320mm X 290mm????
Weight ? Approx 6Kg?


Key Benefits

  • Micro Processor Based Control
  • Four Terminals Resistance Measurement
  • Good Measurement Stability
  • Newly Designed Outlook and Enhanced Performance

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